The sustainable fashion brands leading the charge in China

Environmental damage is a growing concern in China and it’s creating an opening for fashion brands that are able to demonstrate sustainable manufacturing and sourcing processes.

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China’s fashion consumers are observing first-hand the disastrous impact of pollution not only on the environment but also on their health and this is translating into demand for more sustainable fashion choices.

In fact, a Chinese University of Hong Kong report in 2018, concluded air pollution caused an average of 1.1 million premature deaths in the country.

The latest ‘Green Guilt Report: Sustainable Consumption in China’ by Shanghai-based Daxue Consulting (released in April 2022) supports consumer’s growing awareness of sustainable fashion. It reveals 77% of surveyed Chinese consumers (75% of whom are based in major cities), are willing to pay 5%-20% extra for sustainable fashion products, with up to 20% of upper-class Chinese consumers open to paying double for such lines.

The sustainable fashion brands succeeding in China

On the list of prominent Chinese ‘green fashion’ brands are Icicle, which focuses on sustainability and uses natural fabrics made from natural yarns such as cashmere, linen, wool, silk and cotton, with a brand slogan of Made in Earth’. Regarding sourcing, a company note said: “We travel the world in search of outstanding textile producers with irreproachable ethical practices. Whether it is cashmere from Afghanistan and Inner Mongolia, linen from Belgium, wool from Italy, silk from China or organic cotton from Japan, our fabrics all conform to exacting standards. “

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