Heed the label: Overcoming compliance challenges


Shifting and varied labelling rules are a major compliance challenge. Nicholas Wallace, Stephenie Overman, Kathryn Wortley, Raghavendra Verma and Jens Kastner report

Korean caution

South Korea seems to be more cautious. Its Regulation on Standards for Marking Cosmetics Usage Precautions and Fragrance Allergens says that precautions consumers should take regarding product use must be stated and marked on the packaging of cosmetics[5]. For example, products containing hydrogen peroxide must have the warning statement: “Avoid contact with the eyes and wash them immediately when they enter the eyes.”

As another example, labels of carmine-containing products must contain the message: “People who are sensitive or allergic to carmine should use it carefully.”

In August 2020, enforcement rules were amended with one stipulation concerning the marking and advertisement of cosmetics used for infants or children.

The revised regulation said that on the primary or secondary packaging of a cosmetic product, it may be specified that a cosmetic product can be used by infants or children. The specification that the product is meant for infants or children may also be indicated in the name of the product.

Meanwhile, labels of functional cosmetics must contain the phrase: “Not a drug for the prevention and treatment of diseases.”

As for the designation of certain ingredients as allergens, the name of allergenic substances must appear on the label if the concentration is higher than 0.01% in a rinse-off product, and if the concentration is higher than 0.001% in a leave-on product, says Seongmin (Mike) Sohn, General Manager at regulatory consultancy REACH24H Korea.

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