Alibaba makes growing impression in Europe with livestreaming

JENS KASTNER, Contributing writerMarch 22, 2021 11:56 JST

HAMBURG, Germany — Jennifer Friess stumbled on an ad for an online sales promotion job as she was surfing the web for work clothes a year ago.

Soon, Freiss, a model and comedian, was hosting a French livestream from Paris on Alibaba Group Holding’s AliExpress app around four times a week, pitching imported Chinese appliances and other products.

„One year ago, I couldn’t have imagined working for such a major Chinese company, but today I couldn’t imagine working without them, given that it fits so well with my professional background,“ Friess said. „I am sure that even when we are through with the COVID-19 lockdowns and the theaters have reopened, I will stick to AliExpress and combine it with my other jobs.“

Friess is one of around 100 local French recruits now appearing on AliExpress, part of a global army of 1 million contributors the Alibaba unit aims to deploy by 2023 to build up the Chinese group’s overseas sales.

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